ChequePRO Features

Truly International

Can be used in any country for any bank

ChequePRO is a Cheque Printing software that prints on any size of cheque from any country to a normal office printer. ChequePRO is a Multi-Company, Multi-User, Multi-Bank Account, Multi-Check Book, Multi-Currency and Multi-Language software.

ChequePRO Features

Supports Most Printers

Built on the ideology of utilizing existing resources

ChequePRO is built on the ideology of utilizing existing resources. User can use any existing printer in their office. Most of the printer type are supported laser Printers, Deskjet Printers, Inkjet Printers, All-In-One Printers.

ChequePRO Features

WYSIWYG Alignment Engine

Help's To Build cheque Layout To Fit Your Bank Cheque

ChequePRO has a built in state of art cheque alignment engine, cheque image can be imported as well as tons of other parameters can be edited.

ChequePRO Features

Typo Error Free

Eliminates Spelling Mistakes, Differences between Amount In Figures & Amount In Words.

ChequePRO just needs the user to select the payee name and enter the amount to be paid to the payee, rest parameters required to prepare the cheque are auto filled like date, "Not negotiable" "Account Payee Only" stamp, Conversion of figure to amount in words.

ChequePRO Features

Tamper Proof

Cheque’s Printed from ChequePRO cannot be Tampered.

ChequePRO has a built in feature for adding **** before and after the payee's name, amount and amount in figures, thus disabling the ability to amend or modify the payee's name, amount or amount in figures after the cheque is printed.

ChequePRO Features

Bank Cheque Templates

100's of bank templates which has images and alignment of various banks from various countries.

Yes ChequePRO includes 100's of bank templates which has images and alignment of various banks from various countries. Users can easily import bank images and set alignment according to there printer with a very simple cheque alignment engine.

ChequePRO Features

Business Intelligent Reports

Historical record on issued cheque, Bank Statement, Management reports, Reconciliation, etc.

Instantly generate business intelligent reports. These information is strategically stored in database so that a simple search can generate the required information instantly. Export reports to Adobe, Excel, Word etc for your meetings or presentations or general financial review for any particular client or vendor or bank.

ChequePRO Features

Batch Printing

Batch Printing

Import multiple Cheque information to be printed using a Predefined spreadsheet format containing - Date, payee Name, Amount, Description.

ChequePRO Features

Maker & Checker

Maker & Checker Concept or 4-Eyes

Is one of the central principles of authorization in the Information Systems of financial organizations. The principle of maker and checker means that for each transaction, there must be at least two individuals necessary for its completion. While one individual may create a transaction, the other individual should be involved in confirmation/authorization of the same. In this way, strict control is kept over system software.

ChequePRO Features

Electronic Signature (Digital) on Cheque

Digital signature

User can add signature to cheques. To create a signature image, sign on a piece of paper and then scanning it and save the scan to a file. Your signature file is in the correct file format. ChequePRO accepts almost any image file format, including BMP, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. The signature can be aligned using the built in WYSIWYG alignment engine.

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